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Why " The French Chamber Maid" name?

My last name is actually of French decent. Chamber by definition refers to a meeting hall, dwelling, enclosure, office, and/or residence, which generally entails what we can clean. There was also the intrigue of the original, historical, French Maid, which in the early 19th century was quite the fashionable fad among wealthy English ladies/families. French families were trying to immigrate into England and as such could get their daughters jobs in wealthy homes as maids; To outshine local competition these French girls became the best in their trade, with the most grace, manners, and know-how in maid services. Having a "French" maid became all the rage in society. In fact, it was so popular that it was often hard to find the genuine article and these wealthy families would sometimes hire English maids that spoke a little French and pose them with French names to upkeep appearances and the status of only having the "best" of everything. Because of the popularity of demand, the media (even in this early era) also took part, making French maids alluring and mysterious in fiction, which has lead to a lot of misconception about who they are the the role they played in history. We, as "The French Maid" are here to uphold the original foundation and heritage of the French maid as being the best at our housekeeping responsibilities, delivering unbeatable service, friendly and helpful customer service, and excellent, affordable prices!  

How does it work?

You simply call for an appointment. We will gather all needed information over the phone and quote you our rate. From there we simply arrive at the appointed time. No meet and greets are necessary prior. Upon arrival we will ask you to give us a tour of your home/office and point out any trouble areas or things you need done to a specific direction. We will then grab our supplies and get to work. You may set up a schedule for us to clean at certain times on certain days of the week. We have many clients who leave us hide-a-keys while they work if you do not wish to always be present. A call to you upon our arrival and exit may always be requested.

Do you do meet and greets?
This is not necessary before the appointment we have scheduled. If you require a meet and greet unfortunately we cannot offer it for free due to the inflation of gas prices. Free quotes may be given by phone or email.

What kind of information do you need?
For an appointment with The French Chamber Maid, we will need contact information from you such as name, phone number, email, and address. We will need information about your home, such as size, bedrooms, bathrooms, flooring , and indoor pets. This is so we can bring the appropriate supplies to treat your home for things such as hard wood floor, stainless steel, and pet hair. We will also ask you about any products you do not wish to be used in your home or if you have any allergies to cleaning products. This information helps us determine how long we will be there and how to adjust our booking schedule as needed. We often have more than one home/office to clean on any day.

How long does your cleaning take?
This depends on the size of your home and the maid you have requested. For a deep cleaning please allow us 4 to 6 hours. 4 hours for smaller homes under 2000 square feet. 6 hours for larger homes 2000-4000 square feet. We have spent up to 8 hours in homes before that required special attention for their deep cleaning needs. We do work quickly but we are extremely thorough and as such details take time. For lighter cleaning regiments, it usually takes us about an hour or two off that time.

Do you clean after hours?
We usually reserve after hours cleaning (after 4:00pm) to our commercial clients where we clean offices. However, if you're in need of a residential evening cleaning this can be arranged for an additional $25.00. Please note appointments needed after 6:00pm is an additional $50.00. Evening cleanings are scheduled at our discretion for safety reasons.

Who is coming?
Depending on the size of your house and the maid services you have requested, one or two maids may come. This does not change the price you have been quoted by The French Chamber Maid. Prices only change when the services you request changes.

What do you wear?
We dress in uniformed scrubs. We are professional maids and we offer professional service. We are not entertainers of any kind and any expectation of us as such will terminate our affiliation with you without refund immediately.

What can I expect?
You may expect a friendly and professional maid who will listen to your needs and perform her duties
timely and thoroughly. You may expect her to be open to direction and communication. You may expect
your home/office to be cleaned as you requested and it to shine and smell extraordinary!

What should I do before arrival?
A general pick up is always helpful so that we may clean and (especially) vacuum your home adequately.
If we are changing the linens on your beds, please have those laid out for us to change. Any supplies you wish us to use, please have out or ready. Thank you.

Is there anything you don't do?
Yes. While your satisfaction and expectations are of the utmost importance to us, we do not dispose of rodents (dead or alive) such as mice and rats. We also do not clean up after them. We also cannot clean blood, vomit, animal waste, human waste, or litter boxes for the health and safety of our maids to prevent exposure and spreading of dangerous diseases and parasites including Toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that infects warm blooded animals and humans. This parasitic disease can be fatal. 

What supplies do you bring/use?
We use the traditional supplies our moms used! Pinesol is a favorite, as well as Windex, Pledge, Febreeze, and Mr. Clean. We also have a line of green-clean and all organic products, if you prefer a chemical free home. If there is anything you do not want used, or if you have supplies you prefer us to use, please let us know upon making your appointment. Thank you.

Are there any cleaning supplies you will not use?

We do not provide/clean with bleach and discourage the use of Bleach in any products you ask us to use.  Exposure to bleach and its fumes is extremely toxic both to the maid, to you, your children, your pets, even the environment! Effects of bleach poisoning can lead to cell destruction in your throat and lungs, cause respiratory, asthma, and nervous system complications, nausea, migraines, and even death.  Bleach is often needed in the bathrooms where little or no ventilation is accessible. Even if its unintentional and precautions are taken to reduce over exposure to bleach, we have declared the health risks too hazardous. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. For more information about the hazards of bleach and alternative cleaning methods, please visit this website:

If you don't use bleach, how do I know things are clean enough?

We understand that you want a germ free home, as do we! We prefer using products like Clorox Clean Up Wipes, and Lysol - both which sanitize and disinfect surfaces, removing 99.999% of infectious microorganisms without the use of bleach, as stated on their websites FAQ. We also offer Green Cleaning with the help of  steam cleaning as a bleach alternative! We have a multitude of different steam tools that can sanitize any surface that is heat resistant without the use of any chemicals! Read more about the benefits of steam over bleach in our blog!

Are you pet friendly?
Of course! We love pets! We do ask that you put your dogs/pets outside or in a room while we clean to help avoid them getting into any cleaning supplies or tracking up your nicely mopped floor. ;) Please note that we do have a no poo-pee policy. For health reasons our maids do not clean up any poo or pee of any kind. Thanks for understanding!

What is the no poo-pee policy?
Well... just that really. No poo or pee. Yes we said poo-pee, not puppies. We love puppies. We don't love poo-pee. For safety/health reasons our maids cannot clean up any type of feces, animal or human, as well as blood, vomit, or urine. We apologize if that causes any inconveniences.

Where does your testimonials come from?
Those comments have been submitted to us from real clients over our time cleaning - many of which we currently still clean for! They simply email or write us their feedback with permission to use the comments and their name on our site.

Can I submit feedback?
Absolutely! Good or bad, we want to hear from you! This helps us improve and grow as individuals and as a business! Its also great for potential clients to gather better information on our reputation which we take great pride in!

What sets you apart from competition?
The French Chamber Maid prides itself on its customer satisfaction and as such retains its customer loyalty. We listen to our clients and customize our cleaning to meet their needs with what our maids offer. If there's something you're needing one week that might change the next, tell us! We'll take care of it! We will leave your home/office spot-shined-clean, smelling great, and sparkling! If we miss something.... don't be afraid to point it out or leave us a note. We always want the opportunity to meet your requests. 

How far do you travel?
We prefer not to travel any further than a 35 mile radius from our office. Yes, you may still request our services and yes, we will be happy to work with you, however please note not all maid services will be available to all areas where a large distance must be traveled. Outlaying areas may incur a reasonable traveling fee at the discretion of The French Chamber Maid which will be quoted to you on the phone at the time of your call for an appointment.

Are there hidden fees?
No. The price quoted to you by The French Chamber Maid will stand once we arrive. These prices are listed on our website. Prices only change when services change. For example, if you request organizational duties with your deep cleaning, obviously you will have the deep cleaning fee with the addition of the organization fee. If you have any questions about pricing at any time, please do not hesitate to call or ask your maid.

Do you have references?
Yes. We have clients who's permission I have been given to give their name and number out (only) should you need references. I will not give information out without this permission. Please do not ask me about my other clients, such as their names, occupation, and locations or where I am going next. This is confidential information that I will not share as I feel it invades their privacy. I'm sure you do not want me discussing your information with them, so in turn please give them the same respect. Thank you!

For any/all other questions, please do not hesitate to call or email The French Chamber Maid at any time!