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With The French Chamber Maid, there's a maid for every endeavor! We can work any day of the week to help meet the demands of your schedule! We will work with you to customize your cleaning to target your specific needs to keep your home or office in the condition you desire! In the event of any cancellations or rescheduling, please give your maid the courtesy of a 48 hour notice. Thank you!

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The Super Maid

In-laws coming over? Can't find where that smell is coming from? Don't worry! It's Super Maid to the rescue! Yea, we know that's cheesy, but this maid offers just about everything you need for a thorough and intensive cleaning regiment. She leaves no corner overlooked! With her gloves pulled high, she's going in - ready to take on those deep dark places that haven't been touched in months...or in some cases – ever! She's our most requested maid yet!

  • Remove dust and cobwebs

  • Sweep & mop all floors

  • Vacuum all carpets & shake rugs

  • Empty Trash

  • Empty dishwasher and wipe down all counter tops

  • Polish  appliances and faucets

  • Wipe down mirrors, sinks, and vanities

  • Make all beds and fluff pillow

  • Clean inside/outside of refrigerator, microwave, stove top (top only)

  • Wipe down exterior of  kitchen cabinets

  • Clean interior (reachable) windowsills, blinds, ceilings fans, and light switches

  • Clean under and between (removable) furniture cushions.

  • Change all bed linens

  • Clean glass doors

  • Sanitize showers and toilets

  • Cleans those overlooked nooks, crooks, and crannies


The Economic Maid

This maid service is the easiest on the budget and delivers to you a fresh clean look and feel to your home or office. If you don't need many chores done but want to feel that crisp fresh clean without spending a lot of your own time or money to achieve it, then this offer is for you! Its great for keeping the house in order during the week so you can focus on work and family.

  • Light overall dusting

  • Sweep all floors

  • Vacuum all carpets/rugs

  • Wipe down counter tops

  • Make beds and fluff pillows


Maid To Move

This maid ensures your space is move in ready and move out fantastic! If you're tired of moving and can't muster the courage to go anymore, The French Chamber Maid is there for you. If you or your tenant has moved our of a property the maid will come in and get it to looking tip-top shape again. She'll apply some of that deep cleaning muscle she has to make the place sparkle. And, on the flip, if you've just moved in-- she can help you with that too. Let her come in and break down those obnoxious boxes and get rid of them. She'll also help perk your furniture and nick-knacks back to life with her magical fluffing and dusting. She can make beds, vacuum, sweep, mop, and organize to your hearts content. Just tell her how she can be of assistance! 


The Innovative Maid

The Innovative Maid is smart and has a knack for simplifying even the biggest of messes. Let her organize and/or eliminate that nagging pile of clutter. Regardless if its stacked up in every corner, hiding under the beds, in the closets, within the desk or taking over the office – she won't relent until the job is done!  


The Monday Maid

Running behind? Don't know where you're going to find the time to get everything done? The Monday Maid is here to help! She will work for you any day of the week and at any hour (per availability). Her prerogative is to grab and deliver those pesky things you almost forgot about – like the dry cleaning and grocery shopping!


The Culinary Maid

Weather you're exhausted or just want a romantic, delicious, home cooked meal prepared and served to you and/or your family – The Culinary Maid is here! We have dozens of recipes to chose from and made to fit your budget and time frame! Meals can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Build your meal with options of appetizers, meats, vegetables, bread, and desserts! And hey, don't worry about the dishes, we've got those too!


The Social Maid

This maid comes dressed for every occasion! Her specialty is to help you out with your big occasion. She'll help serve, wait, set-up and clean-up on those big days! Let her assist you with weddings, conventions, galas, sporting events/parties, banquets, reunions, BBQ's, and more! Need more than one social maid? Great! Our Social Maids work even more effectively as a team! 


The Artsy-Fartsy Maid

This is the ultimate creatively fun maid! She can help you paint, drive in nails, hang goodies, arrange furniture, and encourage design. Regardless if its a major project you need help with, or just need someone to come in and re-arrange a room to stir the Feng Shui – she's the master to recruit. 


The Inquisitive Maid

The Inquisitive Maid caters to those that need to be in two places at once. She can act as your personal property manager in any or all of the following ways: showing property, leasing property, taking care of all the cleaning and maintenance details during and/or between guest stays, house sitting, attending pets, watering plants, and consistently checking on the security of the property. She functions as a great aid to those with rental properties who need things to click off smoothly during rush season(s).


Please note not all maids are available to all areas. Traveling fees may apply for great distances. Our Maids cannot clean blood, vomit, animal waste, human waste, or litter boxes for their health and safety and to prevent exposure to dangerous diseases and parasites including the potentially fatal Toxoplasmosis. For more information please review our FAQ and Terms. Thank you!

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